Editing/Writing Experience


  • The Black Sheep  GVSU page – chief campus editor – print and online
    Responsible for assigning articles, setting and enforcing deadlines. Daily, articles are edited for content and mechanics/grammar, adding media, writing captions, titles, etc., and uploading articles online daily.Editing for grammar and content for eight print issues a year.
  • Fishladder Spring 2014 – section editor/reader – print only
    Reading submissions to select for publication.

Fishladder book pic

  • Redefined class magazine – managing editor – print only
    Working with the other managing editor to set and enforce deadlines. Each article was edited by myself for mechanics/grammar. I assigned photos to be taken and selected the final choices.The other editor was send the PDF of the final issue from the layout creator so I was unable to edit the final issue before print.


  • Laker Life writer for GVSU’s Lanthorn campus newspaper
  • GVSU’s Writing Department’s InWriting Newsletter
    Fall 2014 (pages 6-7 and 9)
    Fall 2015 (page 3)

The Rapidian

The Black Sheep:
-I edit/post articles here on a daily basis. I write locally for Grand Valley State University as well as nationally.

The Odyssey

Freelance Work


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