Meet me!

  • Aspiring professional writer, editor, and designer
  • Originally from metro Detroit, now located in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Graduated from Grand Valley State University Dec 2017
      -Major: Writing
      -Honors: Distinction

My favorite hobby:

I love Baking
My favorites to make are: lemon bars, cheesecake, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes, but I can never eat them all. With me around, you’ll always have a tray of sugar in your fridge!

cheesecake  cookies

My pets:

In a perfect world, I’d own an animal sanctuary or rehab center.

Athena aka Bean- Boston Terrier/pug who loves trash, licking, toys, and cuddles

athena  athena 2

poop   cow.jpg
…sometimes she thinks she’s a cow. 

Daisy – Pitbull who loves chewing on milk jugs, destroying toys, and sitting on laps.
(She doesn’t know she’s big.)

daisy 2   daisydogs

Ted- Iguana whose only emotion is fear and using the couch as a bathroom.
(He enjoys leaf-hats.)

Luna – Blind Bearded dragon who enjoys scratching at the tank glass until you take him out and then proceeds to fall asleep on the floor.
(Also enjoys hats.)

ted   luna

Where you’ll find me:

  • Drinking at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids – Sparrows is a personal favorite.
  • Eating breakfast (more like brunch) at Anna’s House or Peppermill Grill.
  • Eating dinner or having drinks at Ando Asian Kitchen or Stella’s Lounge. 
  • Enjoying live music at a bar or brewery downtown Grand Rapids.


As long as I’m in good company, I’ll go anywhere and try anything once!



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